So Many Books, So Little Time

I have been a lover of books for as long as I can remember. I suppose this began when I was a child, when my parents read to me before I went to sleep, and took me on frequent trips to the library. I also remember being taken to story time at the library, where the children in attendance were often asked to participate in the telling of the stories. All of these experiences combined to make a bookworm out of me.

I remember reading under the covers with a flashlight, long after my mother told me to turn the lights off and go to sleep. I would assure her I was going to sleep, but then would continue to read about Pinocchio, Amelia Bedelia, or one of Roald Dahl’s many quirky characters. Reading well past my bedtime is a habit that has continued well into my adult years, except now I don’t have to use a flashlight to do it!

My family often rented a cottage at some point during the summer, and I always made sure I had plenty of books for these vacations. I would go to the library before the trip and take out several books, all of which went into my luggage. On rainy days, when we couldn’t go to the beach, I would curl up in the 70’s style chair in the cottage living room and read. And on days when it didn’t rain, I often sat on the porch and read the morning away. I have very fond memories of these trips.

As I got older, my love of books and reading has only deepened. I currently own more books than I really have room for, but that doesn’t stop me from acquiring more. What doesn’t help in this regard is the fact that I have a particular fondness for the used book sale. Where I live, there is a huge one every September, and I never miss it. It’s a great way to add to the reading collection without going broke. I have also found that small Ontario towns often have quirky used book stores hidden in them, and I have stumbled across many of these in my travels over the years. It’s always fun to see what can be found in these places.

I hope to use this blog to explore my love of books and reading, from sharing what I’m reading right now, to exploring topics related to the life of a book lover. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts as much as I expect to enjoy writing them! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come back again. Now, I guess I should step away and get some reading done!